Join Our Team

We partner with high performing Advisor teams to deliver thoughtful, comprehensive wealth advice in a unique way that is better for our Clients and better for our Advisors

Our Business Beliefs 

1. We believe that disruption has hit, and will produce winners and losers. Clients will have increased competitive options. The stakes have been raised and Advisors will need to enhance the value they provide or will be out of the business or severely marginalized.

2. This is an extremely expensive business. These expenses need to be shared in a fair way with Clients while we also elevate our value.

3. Provable value matters more than ever. Cost myopia may divert focus from value. Advisors will need to truly compete on the value they provide.

4. Wrapping your arms around the family is imperative to Differentiation. Clients are very intelligent and Advisors will have to be that much more prepared to win new mandates and more business.  

Our partnership with our Wealth Advisors is a corner stone of our tradition. Through our Client Commitment, we provide you with the support and resources you need to nurture a dynamic, thriving business. Scotia Wealth Management has earned a reputation with Canadian investors of integrity based on our standards of excellence, quality services and doing what’s right for our clients.   

Our Coaching Process

1. What are the areas of interest and Advisor personal and business goals?

2. What is the Advisors view of the future and how does that impact business decision making?

3.  What is Advisors investment management and client service process and what are the thoughts towards providing a comprehensive wealth experience for clients?

4. How do we turn ambitions into actionable items and how can we best partner to make things happen? What are the Advisors priorities and strategies to take your business to the next level?

5. Time out. Lets assess honestly and adjust as needed.  

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are built not bought.
  • Tenured, seasoned senior leadership that have all been Advisors.
  • Unparalleled approachability in management and with colleagues.
  • We focus a lot on a few; 600 Advisors of consequence.
  • $115 Bn. in AUA - we offer exceptional stability.
  • Fantastic market share opportunity.
  • Facilitative culture: proud of idea sharing and mutual respect.
  • Proud history as one of the founding firms in Canada's investment industry.
  • Uniquely integrated into a wealth management firm.
  • Highly Advisor centric as it relates to independence around investment solutions.
  • Advisor focused compensation plan aligned with excellent businesses; not just scale.
  • Advisor centered approach to legacy and succession planning.
  • Excellence in investment management offerings.
  • Continuing education; business excellence.
  • Supportive compliance culture. 
  • Strength of the Scotia brand.
  • Intentionally focused on growth.
  • Unwavering commitment to client experience.
  • We value action over words.
  • Immense integrity.
  • Uncommon regard for colleagues.
  • Deep regard for the communities in which we work.
  • Prudent stewardship; our Clients, our Advisors, and the business.
  • Advisor centricity.