Who is ScotiaMcLeod?

Scotia Wealth Management Saskatoon - Prince Albert

The Scotia Wealth Management Saskatoon and Prince Albert offices have experienced significant growth since 2008. Our dynamic environment is home to a multitude of investment advisors, several with more than 20 years experience in our field. Many come from a diverse range of businesses and education, but each of them has embraced the Scotia Wealth Management vision of being the firm of choice for select investors. Our full service firm is home to experienced Scotia Wealth Management Specialists in Financial Planning, Will and Estate Planning, Private Banking, Insurance, and Business and Family Advisory Services. In addition, the offices are fully staffed with Associates that are licensed and completely focused on supporting our Advisor teams and providing excellent client service. 

Who is ScotiaMcLeod?

Our firm was founded in 1921 as McLeod Young & Weir, back then the firm had one focus and that was government bonds. 100 years later we have further evolved through Investment Management into a leading boutique Wealth Management firm backed by the most International of Canadian banks.

Investment Management has always been the cornerstone of ScotiaMcLeod. Today, as an integral part of Scotia Wealth Management, our story is more compelling. We guard our independent mindset and couple it with strong leadership, resources, tools, support and training.

In this time of accelerated change, ScotiaMcLeod is doing two things with great conviction: First, we are investing very heavily in our Advisors and strengthening their ability to meet and exceed their client's expectations. We believe clients may be overwhelmed with options but underwhelmed with their actual Wealth Management experience. We believe private wealth services are among the most valuable to our clients. These services continue to be algorithm-resistant in an increasingly automated financial services industry. The pursuit of entrepenurial flexibility coupled with relevant and thoughtful service remains our most important goal.

Secondly, we do Wealth Management differently. We believe in objective investment counsel and creative solutions to client issues delivered by a professional team with diverse backgrounds. We believe in specialists and highly disciplined processes and we have minimized internal competition through collaboration. Wealth Advisors at ScotiaMcLeod and their clients have disciplined and coordinated access to our expertise in Financial Planning, Trust and Estate, Private Banking, and Insurance. Our Advisors work with the right number of clients, and create real successes. We are proud of our relationships.  

Our greatest commitment is to our standards: being community leaders, quality over quantity; relationship respect; growth and staying hungry. These standards are easy to claim but only meaningful if lived. We are pretty excited about our future. We believe ScotiaMcLeod is the ultimate destination for committed Advisors who share our beliefs and aspirations. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we believe that our pride will grow even more into the future.